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Session Details

Photo sessions with Marinda are fun, comfortable and not rushed to ensure that we capture the best images of you and your family.  Sessions can take up to two hours, so please schedule a time that will work best for your family.  It is best to schedule children’s sessions at a time when they are well-rested and not hungry.  Feel free to bring snacks and familiar toys with your child.

Your session can take place at your home or on location.  Newborn sessions are generally at your home.  I mean, really, who wants to take their newborn out in public?  Marinda is very happy to come to your home and photograph your sweet little bundle.

What to wear

Really anything.  However, keep in mind that groups photograph best when everyone is in the same color scheme.  Try to avoid busy patterns and clothing with logos as it distracts from you – and we want a photograph of you, not your clothes!  Try to keep children in comfortable clothing – it makes life easy for everyone.

Newborns photograph best in their own skin.  Blankets, hats, and diaper covers are great accessories for newborns.  Marinda only uses props that are washable and always uses a plastic tarp to protect your carpeting and or furniture from any surprises your little bundle would like to give us.

Mommies-to-be should wear pre-pregancy clothing.  Pregnant women have beautiful curves that are best showed off in snug form-fitting clothing.  Don’t worry, we will not button, zip or snap your clothing.  We’ll simply fold the tops of your jeans down and let your shirts drape over your belly.

Seniors should plan to bring 3-5 outfits.  Bring at least one outfit that your parents love and one outfit that you love!  Girls, those prom dresses make for a great outfit for senior photos.

Proof Gallery

Marinda strives to get your proofs ready as quickly as possible.  Generally, proofs are available within three weeks of your session.  Check Marinda’s blog within a day or two  for a sneak peek from your session.

When your proofs are ready, Marinda will send you the password.  Just come back to this site and enter your password in the clients section.

In person ordering sessions are available upon request and are a great way to view some of the products Marinda offers.  Marinda will walk you through the ordering process ensuring that you order the products that you want and need.

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